Make-up Designory
Prospective Student Online Form
Please submit the form below to apply on-line to Make-up Designory. Once you have completed the form, press the submit button on the bottom of your screen. You will then be asked to choose a payment option for your $100 registration fee.
I. Student Information
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II. Educational Background
8. Schools and Colleges attended:
Students of all courses must be at least 18 years of age and have proof of a high school diploma or G.E.D. International applicants will need to provide equivalent documentation.
High School:
Please check one of the following:
I have proof of a high school diploma or equivalent
I have proof of a G.E.D. or equivalent
I do not have any of the above documentation
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I will fax a copy of my documentation to the Admissions Office.
I will mail a copy of my documentation to the Admissions Office.
I do not have the necessary documentation.
Art School:
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III. Career Experience
9. Please briefly describe experience you have in make-up, hair-styling, art, & esthetician: (Please note that your are not required to have any career experience before attending MUD)
IV. Areas of Interest and Goals
10. Enrollment Information:
I would like to enroll in the following program:
Program Name
Fashion Make-up Artistry Program
Film and Television Make-up Artistry Program
Multimedia Make-up Program
Master Make-up Artistry Program
I would like to enroll in the following courses:
Course Name
Beauty 101: Fundamentals of Beauty Make-Up
Beauty 201: Studio Hairstyling for the Make-Up Artist
Beauty 301: Beauty Lab
Special Make-Up Effects 201: Character Make-Up Artistry
Special Make-Up Effects 301: Lab Techniques
Airbrush Course
11. Employment Goals (Check all that apply)
Make-up Artist for...
Fashion Industry
Cosmetic Sales
Special Make-up FX
12. When do you wish to begin?
13. Upon graduation, where do you plan to work? (city, state, country)
14. Which do you prefer?
15. Do you need financial assistance?
16. Do you need housing assistance?
17. If you have a resume, you may enter it below: (You may also cut and paste your resume (text only) in this space.)
V. International Students
19. Will you need a student visa to attend MUD?
20. If yes, what is your country of citizenship?
21. If yes, what is your country of permanent residence?